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Listen Assitive Listening System

Listen Assitive Listening System
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    This Special Package includes an extra Receiver and Earphone!
    Listen?s LP-3CV-072 Value Package is the lowest priced solution for meeting your assistive listening needs; backed by Listen?s exceptional service and support.
    The package is easy to use and is ideal for houses of worship, classrooms, theatres, employee trainings, business meetings, and much more.
    Your organization can affordably comply with ADA requirements.
    Open up a world of communication so everyone can have the opportunity to clearly hear your message.
    Furnish and install an FM wireless assistive listening system for use by the hearing-impaired.
    The assistive listening system (ALS) shall be capable of broadcasting on 3 wide band channels and be frequency agile.
    The ALS system shall have 62dB SNR or greater, end-to-end.
    Receivers shall be frequency agile to 3 wide band frequencies set with a ?channel select? switch.
    The receivers will incorporate a stereo headset jack that allows the user to plug in either a mono or stereo headset and listen to audio normally.
    The receivers and transmitters shall incorporate automatic battery charging circuitry for recharging of Ni-MH batteries.
    The receivers and transmitters shall offer a limited lifetime warranty.
    Listen Technologies Corporation LP-3CV-072-01 products are specified.

    Product Specification Sheet
    Specifaction Sheet Does Not show Free Items Included
    ? Economical price ? backed by Listen?s exceptional service and support.
    ?Universal Inputs/Outputs ? you can interface with any audio source on the market.
    ? One step digital tuning ? easy to get the install done quickly - no technical service calls are required as the transmission won?t drift.
    ? Universal headphone jack offers mono or stereo output; accommodates most any version or brand of earpiece.
    ? Three channels ? makes it simple to install, manage and use.
    ? Limited lifetime warranty.
    ? Reliable clear sound quality - 62 dB SNR.
    ? Ensures public venues meet ADA requirements.
    ? 30-day no obligation demonstrations available.
    (1) LT-803-072 Stationary 3-Channel FM Transmitter
    (1) LA-123 90� Helical Antenna (72 MHz)
    (5) LR-200-072 Standard 3-Channel FM Receiver
    (5) LA-161 Single Ear Bud
    (1) LA-304 Assistive Listening Notifi cation Signage Kit

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